Jingmen Xinyangfeng Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd.'s 300,000 (t/a) Phosphogypsum Production Line
Jingmen Xinyangfeng Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd.'s 300,000 (t/a) Phosphogypsum Production Line
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Project Overview:

Project Location: Hubei Jingmen, China.

Construction Unit: Jingmen Xinyang Fengzhong Phosphate Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Disc granulator

Production Scale: a production line that processes 300,000 tons of phosphogypsum annually

Service Scope: one-stop technical services such as experimental research and development, process design of electrical automation control system, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training, etc.


Project Description:

Xinyangfeng Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000902) is headquartered in Jingmen, Hubei. It is a large-scale listed phosphate chemical company (company stock abbreviation: Xin Yangfeng,) and national high-tech enterprises, the scale of the company ranks among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies, the top 500 private enterprises in China, the top ten Chinese fertilizer companies, and the top three Chinese phosphate and compound fertilizer companies.


In the production process, a large amount of phosphogypsum is produced, which has been buried in the past. Now the national environmental protection department has new requirements for this, and environmental protection treatment must be carried out. As a leading company in the fertilizer industry, Xinyangfeng is obliged to start researching and developing this project. After discussing and experimenting with zk corp, it was finally decided to build a production line with an annual processing capacity of 300,000 tons of phosphogypsum.

Design Principles:

(1) On the premise of meeting the requirements of production scale, the host adopts stand-alone and single-line equipment to achieve the purpose of smooth and compact production line, save land, and increase land use rate.

(2) The auxiliary equipment is based on the principles of stability, reliability and energy saving to ensure normal production, high quality, high yield and low energy consumption.

(3) Fully integrate the local natural conditions, optimize the design plan under the process and production conditions, and reduce the project cost as much as possible.

(4) Conscientiously implement relevant environmental protection, laws, regulations and standards, strictly control environmental pollution, reduce pollutant discharge, protect and improve the environment, and realize safe and civilized production.


Project Implementation:

The host equipment disc granulator is open to bidding for the whole country, and there are seven bidders. After more than a month and 4 rounds of fierce technical and commercial bid evaluation and bid negotiation process, Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. finally won the bid in May.


After winning the bid, the engineering and technical personnel of our company formulated a rigorous implementation plan according to the technical requirements of the bidding documents. Equipment manufacturing, installation, shipment, debugging and other work were completed on time with the active cooperation and support of Party A’s project department and the debugging was smooth.


Main Equipment:


Equipment Name




Disc granulator



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