Jiangsu Ruixin Shiyue Sludge Ceramsite Production Line Project
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1. Project Overview:

Project address: Huaian, China

Construction unit: Jiangsu Ruixin Shiyue Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Product name: 600,000 cubic meters of sludge ceramsite equipment

Production scale: 600,000 cubic meters of sludge ceramsite per year

Service scope: equipment supply, installation and commissioning.


2. Project Description

This project is mainly for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the main equipment of the ceramsite rotary kiln, cooler, raw material dryer and other equipment of the 600,000 cubic meters of sludge ceramsite production line per year. The project is mainly to treat municipal sludge and general industrial sludge. After mixing with waste soil in a certain proportion, it is aged, and then granulated and calcined to form ceramsite. After the products are directly made into blocks in the factory, they are sold as new wall materials to the building materials market to achieve the purpose of reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of sludge disposal.


3. Equipment Parameters


Equipment Name

Equipment Model



Ceramsite plug-in rotary kiln




Ceramsite cooler




Raw material dryer




Raw ceramsite dryer




4. Project Photos

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