LECA Production Line
  • Capacity
  • Raw Materials
    Clay, Sludge, Shale, Fly Ash
  • Main Equipment
    LECA Rotary Kiln, Granulator, Rotary Screen etc
LECA Production Line
  • Product FEATURE

ZK has been developed an energy-saving vertical cooler, granulating technology inside the rotary kiln which is suitable for expanded aggregate production line and also developed the disposal method for of dioxin in the waste flue gas of the kiln, all of these solutions have opened up a new process method for the construction of new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving expanded aggregate and ceramsite proppant.
Since 2005, we, ZK Corp had been involved in the ceramsite industry and commit to the research and development of the equipment for industrial solid waste disposal and for energy saving research, so that solid waste can be treated with harmlessness, reduction and resource reusing. Our LECA equipment have been widely used in Chinese LECA manufactures and won the good reputation from customers. We have begun the exported business since 2010 and create the good economic benefit. We adopt the energy saved technology and get the good efficiency.
1. Energy-saving environment friendly:
Advanced production process and large capacity for single production line with low heat loss. The advanced bag type dust collector, which is equipped in LECA equipment, keeps exhaust gas below 30mg/Nm3. The energ ysaving vertical preheater is equipped in LECA production line with advanced process, and reasonable design and high level technology.
2. High degree of automation: LECA production line is fitted with temperature and pressure monitoring instrumentation, operating parameters of the computer display, and is capable of using advanced computer control to achieve automatic operation of the entire system.
3. Lost investment: Based on the features of Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA), double-cylinder insert type rotary kiln controls the preheating and calcination process.


We offer Clay Expanded Aggregate Production, Sludge Expanded Aggregate Production, Fly Ash & Sludge Expanded Aggregate Production by raw material, with different production process. We built our own expanded aggregate calcination experimental pilot platform, ceramsite proppant and expanded aggregated granulation platform and various experimental granulating equipment, which can realize various raw material analysis, calcination experiments, sample making, pilot production before industrial investment, so as to provide the basic industrial data for the later industrialization. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact with you directly.  

Basic Production Process:

When the raw material is clay or slurry, the production flow chart shall be consist of raw material process, mixing, granulating, insert type rotary kiln burning process, cooling process, screening and bag packing. When the raw material is shale, the production flow chart shall be consist of crushing, screening, single rotary kiln burning process, cooling process, screening and bag packing. The fuel could be coal, nature gas, biomass fuel and etc.

NumberSpecification(m)CapacitySlope(%)Rev. Speed(r/min)ReducerMotor
Per hour(m3/h)Per Year(万m3/a)TypePower(kW)
1Preheat Kilnφ1.25×182.95~3.941.8~2.441.0~5.0ZQ500YCT225-4A11
Calined Kilnφ1.6×141.0~5.0ZQ650YCT225-4B15
2Preheat Kilnφ1.55×204.36~5.812.67~3.541.0~5.0ZQ650YCT250-4A18.5
Calined Kilnφ1.9×161.0~5.0ZQ750YCT250-4B22
3Preheat Kilnφ1.8×225.9~7.8713.61~4.841.0~5.0ZQ750YCT250-4B22
Calined Kilnφ2.2×181.0~5.0ZQ750YCT250-4B22
4Preheat Kilnφ2.0×247.42~9.884.54~641.0~5.0ZSY224YCT280-4B30
Calined Kilnφ2.5×201.0~5.0ZSY224YCT315-4A37
5Preheat Kilnφ3.0×20- φ2.5×129.5~17.518.04~10.741.0~5.0ZS1450YCT355-4B75
Calined Kilnφ3.0×221.0~5.0ZS1250YCT355-4A55
6Preheat Kilnφ3.2×20- φ2.8×1413.9~16.210.0~11.541.0~5.0ZS1450YCT355-4A55
Calined Kilnφ3.0×221.0~5.0ZS1250YCT355-4A55

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