Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Disc Pelletizer Project
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1. Project Overview

Project address: Xinxiang, Henan

Signing time: 2020-03

Equipment name: 2.5m disc pelletizer


2. Introduction to the production site

[Project address]: Xinxiang, Henan

[Project Highlights]: High efficiency of ball formation

[Project background]: Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed into a comprehensive and modern phosphorous chemical enterprise, mainly producing and operating phosphoric acid and its phosphate products.

The customer uses a powdered material and liquid phosphoric acid to make it melt in the furnace. The larger the proportion of acid required during the granulation process, the better. The customer brings the raw materials and acid to the company and uses the experimental equipment to granulate. The pelletizing speed is very quickly,  meeting the customer's requirements, the customer signs the equipment purchase contract on the spot, and replicates the design of the on-site layout in the workshop of the factory according to the layout of the ball disk system of the company's laboratory.


3. Project planning

The customer uses a φ2.5m disc pelletizer for granulation, with an output of 2-3 tons per hour, the ratio of dry powder to acid solution is 1:1.3, and the spherical particle size is 3-5mm.


4. The equipment used

Φ2.5m into ball disc, air compressor, forklift and other equipment.


5. The project site

disc pelletizer.jpg

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