Hazardous Waste Incineration Disposal Project of Zhenjiang Chimei Chemical Co., Ltd.
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1. Project overview:

Project address: China•Zhenjiang

Construction unit: Zhenjiang Chimei Chemical Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln & Second Combustion Chamber & Feeding Mechanism

Production scale: 20t/d

Service scope: equipment supply, installation and commissioning.

2. Project description

This project is a comprehensive hazardous waste disposal center that uses high-temperature incineration to dispose of hazardous waste. The flue gas passes through the secondary combustion chamber to remove dioxin after secondary combustion, thereby achieving the purpose of purification. The rotary kiln incineration technology is mature, the equipment is simple, and the operation is stable. In addition, the design of one furnace and multiple uses is adopted in the design, which greatly improves the scope of application of the kiln.

3. Equipment parameters


Equipment name




Incineration rotary kiln



Second combustion chamber


4. Project site

ZhenjiangChimeiWasteIncineration1 .jpg

ZhenjiangChimeiWasteIncineration 2.jpg

ZhenjiangChimeiWasteIncineration 4.jpg

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