2-3t/h Pot Granulator Project for Yingkou Gelex New Material Co., Ltd.
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Key words: granulator equipment, pot granulator, Zhengzhou mine granulator, granulator manufacturer

Page description: Yingkou Gelex New Material Co., Ltd. wants to purchase a granulator because of the new desiccant powder calcium oxide and composite calcium oxide into pellets. After investigation and investigation, in October 2016, Henan Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. ordered a pot granulator with a ball diameter of 2.2m. In November 2016, Zheng Mining's machinery was manufactured as required and the equipment was shipped.


Signing date: 2016-10-25

Processing material: new desiccant

Processing capacity: 2-3t/h

Equipment configuration: pot granulator


1. Project overview:

Gelex New Materials (Yingkou) Co., Ltd., located in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, is a new type of desiccant development and promotion company. Its products include spherical calcium oxide, spherical composite calcium oxide, molecular sieves, and live ore desiccants. It is a large-scale desiccant in China. One of the manufacturing enterprises. In 2016, due to the need for desiccant production and granulation, we were planning to purchase granulation equipment. Before Zheng Mining Machinery, it had spent several months investigating multiple equipment manufacturers, and the granulation particle size and uniformity of the equipment could not meet the requirements. After contacting Henan Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. in October 2016 and understanding of its various granulation products, especially the pot granulator, the bottleneck problem of ball formation quality in the desiccant production was solved. The equipment has a high ball formation rate and a finished product. The material balls have the characteristics of uniform particle size and high strength. In October 2016, the two parties signed a supply contract. In mid-November 2016, the installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed and production was officially put into operation.


2. Solution:

The granulator supplied this time is a pot granulator with a diameter of 2.2m, 2-3t per unit, and the following solutions are mainly adopted to meet customer needs:

1. According to the customer's granulation size range, recommend the equipment type for the customer, and combine the upstream and downstream production processes to reasonably arrange the process.

2. The frequency conversion speed motor is adopted, which is convenient for customers to adjust the speed according to the specific granulation requirements, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3. The base of the granulator adopts an integrated structure design, stable operation, low noise and long life.


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