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Project Introduction

Italy lb-tech is a manufacturer of raw material grinding and drying equipment. The customer needs a roller screen machine, which aims to screen fine particles from coarse particles. Raw material size 1.0 or 1.3 mm.

Project Description

 After confirmation with the customer, the raw material of the customer is ceramic processing material, which is a mixture of feldspar clay and quartz stone. Containing 13% moisture, less than 1 mm account for 85%, 1 mm above 15%. The purpose of the customer is to remove 15% of the material above 1mm and retain the material below 1mm. Because the customer material contains 13% moisture, the output is 30 tons per hour. The customer sent the video of the material. The customer confirmed that he had done the test and could use the roller screen classification to achieve it. After consulting our technical personnel, it was found that if the material moisture of 13% fineness of 85% is less than 1 mm, it is easy to block the drum screen hole. The customer then sent 8kg of material. After receiving the material, our technical staff selected according to the customer's material selection: GS1660 roller screen, screen is 1 mm, screen is SS304 stainless steel, and installed vibration system to clean the screen. And provide vibration system drawings for customer reference. The client is satisfied with our proposal. And confirm the technical parameters.

Equipment Parameter




Screen size:1mm 

The equipment shall be completed within the specified time, equipped with well-known brand motors in China, and the trial video and pictures shall be taken and sent to customers for confirmation. The customer is satisfied with the quality of the equipment, we quickly spray paint, arrange shipping export packaging. And send the package picture to the customer. Arrange shipping date and delivery promptly.

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