India ZKL Pan Granulator Machine
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Keywords: Pan Granulator, Aluminium Oxide Granulator, ZKL22 Pan Granulator, Disc Pelletizer

1. Project Introduction

A factory from India where customers have their own rotary kilns and other equipment. The customer already has disc granulators, but because the disc granulator has a 3-4 mm discharge size, the customer requires a 1-2.5 mm particle size similar to that of oil fracturing support agents. Customer raw material is alumina.

2. Project Description

After confirmation with the customer, the particle size of the customer's raw materials is 200 mesh, and the output is required to be 2 tons per hour. Our technicians choose the model ZKL24 for the customer. When checking the shipping, it was found that because the pot body could not be disassembled, it could only be divided into bracket and pot body. However, the pot body diameter of 2400 mm exceeded the container loading size, resulting in high sea freight. After discussion with the customer, the customer changed the production requirement to 1 ton per hour. Our technicians selected ZKL22, which can be loaded into containers. The customer agrees with the choice of this model. Customer technical staff: how to feed? Does the device have a separate partition? Equipment discharge? What about the oversized grain size produced? And so on through a series of videos, pictures and other introduction one by one to reply to customer questions.

3. Equipment Parameter

ModelPot DiameterRaw materialsCapacity
ZKL222.2mAluminium Oxide1ton per hour 

The customer's technicians were very satisfied with the equipment. Our company provided the general drawing of the equipment according to the customer's requirements, and the customer quickly confirmed the drawing. The equipment should be completed within the prescribed time, equipped with Chinese famous brand motors, and filmed trial machine videos and pictures to send to customers for confirmation. The customer was satisfied with the quality of the equipment. Our company quickly painted the equipment and arranged for export packaging by sea. And send packing pictures to customers. Arrange shipping date and delivery promptly.

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