Philippines Lab Jaw Crusher EP-III 125X150 Project
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1. Project Profile

The company is a newly acquired company of Saint-Gobain Group in Philippines which mainly produces cement. It needs built a new cement lab workshop, so needs to purchase corresponding cement lab equipment.

2. Project Description

The new build workshop is main for cement lab. So the main raw material need to crush are cement clinker, gypsum, limestone and clay etc. Since the equipment main use in the laboratory workshop, according to our experience, we recommend our series of laboratory jaw crusher to the customer. We provide the detail technical parameters of this series of laboratory jaw crusher with customer. After the customer confirm, the laboratory jaw crusher EP-III 125x150 can meet customer’s requirements very well.

3. Equipment Parameter

Due to the inlet mouth limitation of laboratory jaw crusher EP-III 125X150, the max input size of raw material must be less than 110mm. And the discharge size can be adjustable between 0--20mm, which match with the capacity 0.3--1.5 tons per hour. At the same time, due to the electrical in the customer laboratory workshop is two-phase power, according to our actual experience, our equipment engineer adjust the motor power of the laboratory jaw crusher EP-III 125x150 to ensure that the jaw crusher can work well under the condition of the two-phase power electrical in customer’s laboratory workshop.

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