Pulverized Coal Preparation Production Line
  • Capacity
    50,000-300,000 t/a
  • Main equipment
    air swept mill, dynamic powder separator, explosion-proof dust collector
  • Raw Material
    Lumpy Coal< 25mm
Pulverized Coal Preparation Production Line
  • Product FEATURE

Our Pulverized Coal Preparation Production Line is composed of Raw Coal Storage & Transportation System, Grinding System, Dust Collecting System, Electrical & Instrument Automation System. By the consideration of safety protection for equipment and system, explosion venting valve and nitrogen protection port are adopted at hot air inlet pipeline of Air Swept Coal Mill and coal air output pipeline. Speed of Powder Separator is regulated by VVF, the output fineness could be controlled by adjustment of frequency converter by remote control.
1. Saving Energy
Air swept coal mill is an ideal coal processing equipment that can both grind and dry, with characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, 8% and above of its grinding coal can pass through the 200 mesh screen, and the water content can be under 2%, it is an ideal grinding equipment for coal powders that are used in industrial furnaces and rotary kilns and other equipment.
2. Uniform Particle Size
The improved O-Sepa classifier is a kind of high-efficiency classifier developed on basis of the technology of common O-Sepa classifier and using the most advanced technology in the world. The distribution of finished particles is more uniform, while the particle size ratio is more reasonable.
3. Environmental Protection
Effective measures have been taken to guarantee strict environment protection standards. Different efficient dust collectors are set at all dust producing points according to different characteristics of waste gas.
4. High Degree of Automation
There is no manual operation in the process of mill running, which realizes the automatic control with long-term, stable, effective, makes milling process more stable, realizes fine work of production.



★ Raw coal storage and transportation system

1. The raw coal with size under 35mm and moisture under 15% is conveyed to raw coal shed by auto dumper. The raw coal storaged in coal shed is loaded to coal receiving hopper by loader. The raw coal in coal receiving hopper is feed to bucket elevator evenly by speed adjustable feeding belt conveyor. The raw coal is discharged when it is lifted to required height and then come to powder making system by double layer air lock valve.

2. The rod valve is set between coal receiving hopper and vibrating feeder. It would be closed for maintenance operation of speed adjustable feeding belt conveyor. The feeding belt conveyor is speed adjustable which facilitate for generating operation and management. The iron separator is set on the top of speed adjustable belt conveyor which could get rid of scrap iron mixed in the raw coal. This maximally reduce the threat of scrap iron to the system.

★ Pulverized Coal Preparation System

1. The raw coal from storage and conveying system come into air swept coal mill for grinding. The coal powder mass and heat transfer with 200℃~350℃ hot air. The moisture enter into flue gas from coal. Coal powder is dried by hot air. Then coal powder come to powder separator with airflow for classification. The separated coarse powder come to mill for regrinding. The fine powder comes to powder collecting system with airflow through coal wind pipe.

2. To protect the equipment and system safety, the explosion venting valve and nitrogen protection connector are set on hot wind inlet pipe of air swept coal mill and outlet pipe of coal wind. Powder separator uses frequency conversion motor to adjust speed. It realizes remote control of the discharging fineness of powder separator by adjusting frequency converter. 

★ Pulverized Coal Collecting System

Under the negative pressure of induced draught fan set after explosion proof bag filter, the qualified coal powder discharged from powder separator, and come to explosion proof bag filter by coal wind pipe. After it goes to filter bags of dust collector for filtration, the coal powder is collected and drop to coal powder hopper underneath the dust collector. The filtered and purified flue gas is discharged to air by funnel through induced fan. The pulverized coal storage in coal powder hopper is discharged to bucket elevator by revolving discharger and screw conveyor and then lift to the top of coal powder hopper by bucket elevator. After that it goes to coal powder hopper by screw conveyor on the top of hopper.

Configuration table of main equipment for typical production capacity
Main equipment/Capacity(t/h)36101416202530

Main supporting equipment models and technical and economic indicators
Belt type quantitative feederDEL-500DEL-500DEL-650DEL-650DEL-800DEL-800DEL-800DEL-1000
Air swept coal mill(m)φ1.7×2.5φ2.2×3φ2.4×4.75φ2.6×5.25φ2.9×4.7φ3.2×4.7φ3.2×5.8φ3.5×6.0
Cylinder volume/m35.79.719.2524.53137.846.657.7
Maximum ball load/t7.513223035445564
Air swept coal mill power/kW951802804005607109001000
Dynamic classifierMD200APMD200APMD350APMD500APMD700AMD700AMD850AMD1000A
Dynamic classifier power/kW111118.518.522223045
Coal fineness R90≤8%
Moisture of pulverized coal≤2%
Hot air inlet temperature/℃220-350
Wind temperature at mill outlet/℃60-70
Emission concentrationmg/Nm330
Annual Working Day /Days300

Note: This configuration table is for reference only and varies according to customer requirements; the production capacity in the table is when the Hastelloy grindability coefficient of coal> 55, total moisture Mt=10%, external moisture Mf=7%, air approximate production capacity when dry base moisture Mab=2%, coal particle size R5=20%, coal fineness R90=8%, and maximum ball loading.

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