Lime Slaking Plant
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Lime Slaking Plant
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Quicklime, often referred to as either calcium oxide (CaO) or lime, is manufactured by heating the raw ingredient ‘limestone’ or ‘calcium carbonate’ in large kilns. This process removes CO2 that is trapped in the stone leaving behind CaO and other minor mineral constituents. This CaO molecule is what we consider to be high calcium quicklime.
Quicklime as CaO is not the most useful chemical form for many applications. For applications such as water treatment, flue gas treatment, and when used as a raw ingredient to some chemical applications, the quicklime must first be slaked. Slaking occurs when quicklime is reacted with water to form Ca(OH)2, most commonly called hydrated lime in its dry form or lime slurry or milk of lime in its wet form. The slaking process is exothermic, releasing heat as the quicklime and water mix and chemically combine. A lime slaking system that is not running at its peak could be unsafe, cost you money and potentially shut your process down.



The qualified lumpy lime is firstly crushed into the sizes about 40mm by the Jaw crusher. Then the crushed sizes will be sent into the buffer silo by bucket elevator. Under the bottom of the storage silo, there is steady flow conveyor quantitatively weighing system. After weighing, the lime is sent into the primary slaking machine, and then enter into the secondary and / or third slaking machine, to make the lime completely slaked to get the quality primary products. The slaking rate can reach to 98%.  The slaked lime is sent into the powder classifier by the semi- products screw conveyor for separation of the impurities and  fine powder. After classifying, the quality final products is sent into the final storage silo by final-products screw conveyor and bucket elevator for packing or bulk loading. Hydrated lime is an ideal product for environmental protection in coatings, power plant desulfurization, water purification and mediation for water PH value.

capacity (t/h)36810121520
Main equipmentMain supporting equipment model and technical & economic iindex
Slaker modelZKX-3ZKX-6ZKX-8ZKX-10ZKX-12ZKX-15ZKX-20

Stages of slaker1223333
Slaking time/min

Dedusting air volume/m³/h

Dedusting negative pressure/Pa

Bag filter modelZM80PPC32-4PPC32-6PPC64-4PPC64-5PPC64-6PPC64-7
I.D. Fan Power /kW7.5151530457575
Separator modelNHX-500NHX-600NHX-600NHX-700NHX-700NHX-800NHX-800
Separator power/kW


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