Ф900×1800 Wet Ball Mill for Russia Customer
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keywords: ball mill , Silica ball mill, ball mills for grinding silica raw materials

Project Location: Russia

Project Name: Ф900×1800 Wet Ball Mill

Grinding Material: Silica

The project is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The customer need to purchase ball mills for grinding silica raw materials. After six months of technical communication with customers, we finally signed a procurement contract with the customer in June 2018.

Customer requirements are as following:

1. Grinding material: amorphous silica SiO2 (97%)

2. Grinding particle size:<0.315mm

3. Discharge size:<0.16

4. Capacity: 0.3-1.6 tons / hour;

5. Customers need ceramic liners and ceramic balls;

In the technical communication phase with customers, the following technical services are provided to customers:

1. Help customers to analyze their production requirements and recommend suitable equipment models;

2. Based on the project site, we compared the technical parameters of similar models. The customer finally decided to use the Ф900×1800 ceramic wet ball mill;

3. Provide the detailed technical parameters;

4. Provide a reference outline drawing and internal structure drawing of the equipment;

5. Provide detailed assembly drawings and foundation drawings according to customer's specific conditions.

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