why? What can ball mill do?
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    The ball mill is mainly composed by the rotating part, the main bearing, the charging device, the discharging installment, the transmission device and so on.Nowadays, more and more people regards ball mill as an efficient tool, why? What can ball mill do? Ball mill is an efficient tool for ball mill grinding many materials into fine powder. The Ball Mill grinder is used to grind many kinds of mine and other ball mill materials, or to select the mine. It is widely used in building ball mill material, chemical industry, etc. There are two ways of grinding: the dry way ball mill and the wet way ball mill. It can be divided into tabular type and flowing type according to different expelling mine. To use the Ball Mill grinding, the ball mill material to be ground is loaded into the Neoprene barrel that contains grinding media. As the barrel rotates, the ball mill material is crushed between the individual pieces of grinding media that mix and crush the product into fine powder over a period of several hours.It should be noted that the ball mill drive layouts can not change randomly, you must ensure that the pinion gear of ball mill grinder on the role of forever upward, if the ball mill shift changes, then there is the direction of ball mill rotation part of the spare parts should be changed accordingly, such as the young striper plate, ladder liner, spiral tube and so on.

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