2019 Annual Party for New Staffs of ZKCorp Held in William Castle
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On November 23, 2019, the 2019 annual party for new staffs of Henan Zhengzhou Ming Machinery Co. Ltd was held in William Castle. The administrative department manager Guan organized and planned the event. The event aimed to increase the sense of teamwork and collaboration among employees, promote corporate culture, and allow new colleagues to integrate into the ZK Corp family more quickly.


After careful selection, the event venue was finally selected in the beautiful environment William Castle, which KTV, werewolf killings and a variety of recreational facilities are available. This is a popular way for gatherings among the young people, which can better promote communication between colleagues.

(Group Photo)

The administrative department colleagues prepared various ingredients in advance for everyone, and selected some colleagues who is skilled in cooking to prepare lunch for everyone, and then organized other employees to play games. The game forms include Horse Orchid Opening, Gum Game, Sitting Up etc. It is a joyful moment full of laughers and excitement. 

(Group games)

(Group games)

(Group games)

Group games can enhance the understanding between colleagues so that they can better cooperate in the future. The group game reflects the sense of teamwork and requires a tacit understanding between the team members. At the same time, the individual performance will also affect the honor of the entire group. The entire team member who loses will be punished. We are on the same boat. 

(Accept Punishment)

(Accept Punishment)

After the game is over, the lunch is almost ready at the same time. And the colleagues who cook for us have been busy for 2 hours. Everyone cannot help to praise the exquisite dishes. Everyone starts to raise their glasses, cheers, and celebrates the moment of gathering together.

(Colleagues Preparing Lunch)

(Fine Cuisine)

After lunch, indoor KTV, smart somatosensory games, billiards and other entertainment activities are available. Everyone chooses their favorite projects and shows their talents.


“Work hardly and have a fun ”, everyone shows a different state from the usual work. After proper relaxation, the next step is to get into the work in a better state. This welcome party promoted the exchanges between colleagues, enhanced the feelings among colleagues, and enhanced the cohesiveness of the ZK Corp family.

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