Yongchuan Sludge Disposal Project Went into Pre-Operation Stage
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The beginning of 2020 is special, unforgettable and unpeaceful. The outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has affected our daily life, brought China into entered a comprehensive closed state. Under such a hard circumstances, the service staff of our company embarked on the train on the fourth day of the Chinese Spring festival and went to the site of Yongchuan Sludge Harmless Treatment and Disposal Project in Chongqing. Therefore their work can return to the normal station and make sure the commissioning operation for equipment maintenance work. They are the most beautiful retrogressors and the embodiment of the spirit of ZK Corp.


Arriving at the project department, Yongchuan is not in a urgent station and there are still some people on the street, but our service personnel have been in strict accordance with our epidemic prevention requirements, put on masks and do a good job of closing the work space, and carry out the commissioning work on the project site in an orderly manner.


After more than ten days of hard work, the owner unit also slowly began to prepare for resumption of work when the epidemic situation gradually improved. At this time, the equipment was almost debugged, and the sludge disposal work could be carried out normally. On March 1st, the owner got the permission to resume work after preparation, and our equipment was also ready to start. Our technicians and field service staff worked with the owner to start the first fire after the year, and the equipment began to operate normally. After a few days of debugging the production line, the production line has been able to stably produce qualified ceramsite products, and can effectively dispose of the sludge brought by the sewage treatment plant, doing its part for Yongchuan in the epidemic situation.

The Yongchuan sludge harmless treatment and disposal project is a general performance contract signed by our company with Chongqing Zeyu Building Materials Co., Ltd. in May 2019. After the completion of the project construction, it can reach 100 to 140 tons of municipal sludge per day for sludge disposal, which can achieve the purpose of harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. The sludge calcined by the rotary kiln can be made into ceramsite as a light aggregate building material, which not only points out a new way out for solid waste disposal, but also contributes to the protection of mine resources.

The implementation of the Yongchuan project is a reflection of the core of our corporate culture of “Morality goes before working, Profit got later than others”, and is also a manifestation of ZK’s efforts and contribution to explore new ideas for national solid waste disposal in recent years.

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