400MT/Day Active Lime Production Line Project in Jinzhong City Shanxi Province China
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1. Project Overview

Project Location: Jinzhong City Shanxi Province

Project Name: 400MT/Day Active Lime Production Line Project

Raw Material:Limestone;Raw Coal

Capacity: Limestone 400MTPD; Raw Coal 200MTPD

Equipment Configuration: Feeding and Screening system, Calcination system, Conveying system, Combustion system, Pulverized Coal Preparation system, Preheater and Dust Removal system.

2. Project Description

The owner of this project is located in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province mainly engaged in limestone mining, processing and sales.Due to the company's business development, the owner plans to put on a 400MTPD active lime production line. After multiple inspections, comparisons and technical exchanges, they decided to adopt the solutions and equipment of ZK CORP. The contract was signed in March 2018. After the installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed in September 2018, it was officially put into production.

3. Solutions

This project is a general contracting project of lime production line. It mainly provides and implements schemes such as limestone calcination, coal powder preparation, active lime cooling and storage, and exhaust gas purification treatment in the active lime production process.

3.1 Limestone is calcined in a lime rotary kiln. During production, limestone in the silo enters the kiln from the kiln tail, and moves to the kiln head with the rotation of the kiln cylinder. During the moving process, it contacts with the high-temperature gas from the kiln head for heat exchange, and completes the preheating and decomposition process. Active calcium oxide. The production line structure of this scheme is simple, the material is heated evenly, the product raw and over-burning rate is low, and the quality is stable.

3.2 Pulverized coal preparation system. The pulverized coal preparation system is installed in the kiln head, which is an air-swept ball mill system. Use with multi-channel burners. The technical process of this scheme is compact, and the conveying distance of pulverized coal is short, which saves land area, and the heat energy after cooling by active lime is recycled to save energy.

3.3 Activated calcium oxide cooling and storage. After the active lime product leaves the kiln, it enters the single-cylinder cooler for cooling, which is cooled from 900 ℃ out of the kiln to the ambient temperature plus 60 ℃. The cooling efficiency is high. The active lime from the cooler enters the bucket elevator and is transported into the silo.

3.4 Kiln tail gas treatment. The exhaust gas from the kiln is first dedusted and purified by the cyclone dust collector, and then enters the bag filter for secondary filtration. The clean air is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney through the dust collection centrifugal fan. After being filtered by the bag filter, the dust content in the gas is less than 30mg/Nm3, which meets the environmental protection requirements.

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