Shanxi JIangqiang Activity Lime Co., Ltd.
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1. Description

This project locates in Suozhou, Shanxi province. It a private joint-stock company. This project starts production in February 2009. It use vertical furnace for lime calcination. The lime will be sold to Shanxi, Neimeng Province. In recent years, Chinese government have strict request in environment protection and also affected by economy crises and lower production cost, the owner management team decide to adopt advance rotary kiln for calcination lime. After huge market research and supplier evaluation, in June 2013, Shanxi JIangqiang Activity Lime Co., Ltd. selected ZK as whole project supplier. Contract convers design, equipments, supervision installation.

2. Principle of project construction

1. adopt advanced, mature, reliable technology and achieve economy recycle and adopt non-waste production technology.

2. saving land principle. Make layout according to real land situation and make layout sequenced and efficient.

3. adopt energy saving technology and make full use of heat. We use ZK pantented product gas burner, and this can burn fuel enough.

4. the design have considered dust collect. At dust points, we placed bag filter to deal with waste dust. This make environmental reach national request.

5. pre-heater and hopper adopt steel structure. This make whole plant look nice and efficient.

6. This design obey the regulations in environment, fire control, labor safety.

3. Project implementation

After signing contract, our company R&D center have made a survey of worksite and made feasibility study report and primary design. After discussion with owner in July, the final construction solution is confirmed. As this plant locates in alpine region, it enters frost period in December, so the construction period is only 4 months. our company focus all strength on this construction implementation schedule. Construction is executed with design. With strong support of owner, the project start fire on November 20. After 20 days test, every system run all right and plant start production. Our high efficiency get high praise and approval from owner.


Unqualified final product before renovation

 Huge waste and dust before renovation


        Clean sky and air after renovation

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