Cameroon 100TPD Lime Plant Project
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1. Project Background 

In June 2021, Mr. at, a customer from Cameroon, saw our lime production line project on the Internet and contacted our company. After contacting us, Mr. at said that his previous projects were completed by consulting companies in the Middle East. However, he found that after the consulting company helped him complete the project design, the actual equipment supplier and technology came from China. Therefore, when there was a new project plan, he thought of directly looking for Chinese manufacturers to seek a one-stop solution.

2. Project Process

At first, customers didn't know how much capacity they should build a lime plant. To this end, we provided customers with the material list and cost list required by lime plants with different output and sent them to customers. In this way, customers can roughly estimate the comprehensive cost other than equipment by combining the local raw material price, fuel price and land cost. After comprehensive comparison, the customer thinks he is more suitable for a small-scale production line. After discussion, the two sides determine the production capacity at 100 tons per day. After confirming our technical strength and factory manufacturing strength, the customer recognized our company very much.

According to the information provided by the customer, the customer's initial material is limestone, and the customer has a considerable amount of limestone reserves, which can fully meet the production needs.

In terms of lime production process, there are two main forms at present, one is the traditional rotary kiln and the other is the shaft kiln with higher production efficiency. Combined with the site information provided by the customer and the customer's requirements for simple and easy maintenance of the equipment, we provided the customer with the process scheme of the traditional rotary kiln and provided the equipment list and investment budget to the customer in detail.

After technical communication, the customer's technical team is very satisfied with the ball mill size and relevant technical parameters provided by us and hopes to discuss and study with us on the climate issues and other technical details to be considered in the early stage of the project. Our technical team also gave professional answers to customers' doubts.

After receiving this information, the customer praised our service speed and expressed his recognition for our professionalism. The customer also mentioned that we hope to provide technical drawings and other details in the design and planning at the initial stage of plant construction. We said that we would provide corresponding technical support to customers according to their actual project progress.

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