Pilot Ceramsite Plant Project for Tianjin Chengjian University
Pilot Ceramsite Plant Project for Tianjin Chengjian University
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Project Overview:

Project Location: Tianjin, China

Construction unit: Tianjin Chengjian University

Product Name: Ceramsite

Production scale: 50 kg / hour


Services: From the grinding of raw materials, storage and transportation, ingredients, mixing, granulation, calcination, cooling to finished product storage and transportation systems, environmental dust collection system, electrical automation control system technology design, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning Technical service.


Project Description:

In August 2016, Tianjin Chengjian University started a nationwide inspection and plan determination of ceramsite experimental production line. After several months' inspection, they confirmed our company as the complete equipment supplier of ceramsite experimental production line through bidding. Finally, we signed supply contract in December, 2016. The main purposes of the project: to provide new building materials, solid waste disposal teaching platform for Tianjin Construction University students, to provide the development experiments of solid waste treatment process for enterprises, which is a research unit for the research production line. It has a high requirement of the entire equipment compatibility and process. The equipment used in this production line, such as rotary kiln and vertical mill, belong to the special customized design products of our company. The models have reached the processing limit. During the design and production process, we encountered many difficulties in the design and production process, but eventually overcome by our engineers. Finally we provide a set of high-level experimental production line for the owners.


Process flow:

The raw materials of this experimental platform are clay, sludge, fly ash and other raw materials that can be ground into powder. The moisture content of the materials should be controlled at about 15%.


The raw materials enter the vertical mill through the raw material loading bin and the vibrating feeder for grinding, and the vertical mill powder selection system takes the qualified powder into the bag filter for powder collection. The collected powder is conveyed to the bucket elevator through a screw conveyor, and the bucket elevator lifts the powder to the batching bin. The qualified air is discharged into the chimney through the fan. The powder is fed to the screw conveyor after passing through the batching system under the silo, and then to the bucket elevator. After the powder is brought out from the hopper, it enters the double-shaft mixer for mixing. If the water content of the material is not enough, add water until it is suitable for the disc ball machine to form a ball. The ceramsite made from the ball-shaped disc is transported to the rotary kiln through a large-angle belt conveyor for calcination. The calcined finished ceramsite is cooled by a vertical cooler, and the cooled ceramsite enters the finished product storage through the belt conveyor. The kiln tail flue gas is cooled and dust collected through an air cooler, and then returned to the vertical mill to heat the raw materials to achieve energy-saving effects. The process design of the entire production line is simple and easy to operate.


Main Equipment:


Product Name




Vertical Roller Mill


1 Set


Pulse Jet Bag Filter


1 Set


Disc Granulator


1 Set


Gas heated Rotary kiln


1 Set


Rotary Cooler


1 Set


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