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The double roller granulator, as the name called, is a device for granulating through pairs of rollers, which is widely used in the ceramsite industry. The "roller" here refers to a cylindrical roller. Unlike the steel mill roll, the roller of the counter-roll granulator is hollow and is called a "roll skin".


According to the requirements of materials and output, the double roller granulator can adopt two-roller perforated roll skin and single-roller perforated roll skin. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the double-roller perforated roll skin is more efficient. The single roll with holes has higher granulation strength.


If a single roll with holes is used, the material enters the double roller granulator, squeezes between the roller skins, enters and passes through the circular holes distributed on the roller skin, enters the inside of the bracket, and is discharged from the end surface of the counter roller to complete the granulation. The roller granulator is used in the ceramsite industry. The conventional hole diameter is 12-15mm, and the minimum hole diameter is generally considered to be 8mm. Roll skins with a hole diameter of less than 8mm are difficult to process and frequently block the granulating holes; 20-25mm, can also be thickened according to requirements.


Therefore, the roller skin, as an important vulnerable part of the roller granulator, is in direct contact with the material and participates in the whole process of granulation. It is affected by the friction between the roller skin and the roller skin, the reaction force of the material in the crushing process, and the material passes through the roller As time goes by, the friction force of the skin, such as the thickness of the roller skin becomes thinner, the diameter of the hole expands, and the granulation holes are blocked by metal, which affects the granulation efficiency, the strength of the pellets, the increase of scrap and burrs, etc. , The roller belt needs to be replaced at this time.


The roller skin is installed on the fixed roller and the movable roller. The roller skin and the bracket are installed separately and fixed by bolts, which can be easily disassembled and replaced.


The material selection, heat treatment method, processing method, thickness size, and hole shape of the roller skin can affect the service life of the roller skin and the granulating effect. Henan Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the ceramsite industry, has rich experience in design, manufacturing and use, welcome to consult!

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