India Feldspar Grinding Station Project
India Feldspar Grinding Station Project
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Project Overview:

Project signing time: 2018

System run time: 2018

Processing material: feldspar

Processing capacity: 15-20t/h


Project Introduction:

This project is a feldspar grinding system. The project is supplied, installed and commissioned by Zhengkuang Machinery Co., Ltd. After the equipment was sent to the site, our staff stayed at the site, actively followed up, and successfully completed the installation and commissioning and put it into production.


The on-site equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, meeting customer needs, and the layout is reasonable. Since the operation of the equipment, the failure rate is low, and it has been well received by customers.


Project main equipment introduction:

1. 2 sets of Ф2.4×7m ceramic ball mills, 2 sets of Ф2.2×13m ceramic ball mills

Equipment use and characteristics:

a. Mainly used for grinding mainly suitable for feldspar.

b. It has many advantages such as high work efficiency, low operating cost, stable mechanical properties, uniform grinding, good product consistency, low product loss, easy replacement of wearing parts, and low maintenance costs.

c. The transmission is stable, and it is equipped with temperature measurement and interlocking devices, which is safe and reliable.


2. 2 PPC64-4 dust collectors, 2 ZM-48 dust collectors, 2 PPC64-5 dust collectors, and 2 ZM-64 dust collectors


Equipment use and characteristics:

a. Combining the advantages of various types of bag filter with chamber backflushing and pulse jet cleaning, it overcomes the shortcomings of poor chamber backflushing cleaning strength, pulse jetting and filtration at the same time, and expanding the scope of application.


b. The product has the characteristics of overall cleaning in separate chambers. It adopts the form of large-scale pulse valve cleaning, which has the characteristics of strong cleaning ability, good effect and long service life.

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