Lanzhou PCH0606 Crusher Crushing Salt Block Project
Lanzhou PCH0606 Crusher Crushing Salt Block Project
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1. Project overview

The owner is a science, industry and trade enterprise in Lanzhou that integrates the research, development and production of machinery and equipment. Its main business is to provide equipment services to domestic and foreign customers, manufacturing industrial automatic control system devices, and selling pumps and vacuum equipment. It is also engaged in the food processing industry and the chemical industry. , The pet feed processing industry is widely used, and the main market is in several provinces in the Northwest. The ring hammer crusher purchased from Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used for salt block crushing. Due to the customer's small material output, low crusher requirements, and cost considerations, the customer chose the ring hammer crusher. Currently, The equipment has been manufactured and installed.

Processing materials: salt blocks

Equipment configuration: PCH0606 crusher

PCH0606环锤式破碎机 (1).jpg

2. Solutions

This time we are supplying 1 ring hammer crusher, specification PCH0606. This project mainly adopts the following solutions to solve customer needs:

1) The driving device, crusher body and base are installed in one piece, which is convenient and compact, easy to move and carry.

2) Good durability: It is characterized by a large working hammer head, cast using a new process, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The required particle size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. At the same time, the machine body structure is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution and body leakage in the crushing workshop. gray problem.

3) Uniform product particle size: This series of products has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, large crushing ratio, small over-crushing, uniform product particle size, and high production capacity.

4) Wide scope of application: This series of crushers is the preferred equipment for small sand and gravel production lines with low investment and quick results. Selective discharge can be achieved by changing the form of the discharge grates.

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