ZK Experimental Granulator Project Introduction
Release Date: 2023.08.31 Views:

A university in Hong Kong ordered an experimental pelletizing plate from our company in January 2022 for laboratory granulation process research. Ball disc model: 1 meter in diameter, used for granulation research of various powdery materials. At the beginning of the equipment purchase, the customer commissioned multiple inspections and finally decided to purchase the machine with a diameter of 1 meter from Henan ZK Corp. The construction period is 45 days. After completion, it will be tested in the factory and inspected before being sent to the customer's site. It is currently running in good condition. 


Performance Advantages of ZK Experimental Granulator: 

1. The inclination angle of the ball forming plate is convenient to adjust, the structure is novel, the weight is light, the height is low, and the process layout is flexible and convenient.

2. Simple structure, easy to operate, easy to control the moisture content of the ball, and high strength 

3. Use a unique combined scraper device (bottom scraper and vertical scraper) to reduce auxiliary power consumption. 

4. The particle size and output of the balls can be controlled by adjusting the inclination of the balling disc, motor speed and water spray volume.

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